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Leading and Responding to Change Better & Faster in Today’s Disruptive Business Environment

About Us

We are a community of professionals who are passionate about leading and managing change in today’s disruptive business environment. We believe that the value and benefits of change done right goes beyond creating ROI and competitive advantage for organizations, it also provides invaluable benefits to the mental well-being of employees & employers alike, and the community at large.

Our vision is to build, support and equip our community of change leaders and catalysts to lead and manage change in today's disruptive business environment.. 

We provide a space and community that brings together professionals with a passion for leading and driving positive change for the greater good of our surrounding communities, and across the world

We curate an array of change leadership content, conferences, events, courses, and conversations to help equip and empower our community with the sole purpose of preparing leaders, professionals, change agents and organizations, to lead and respond to change better and faster in today's fast-paced and disruptive business environment.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Meet like minded professionals leading and managing change 

  • Keep abreast trends and innovations disrupting the workplace and business environment 

  • Get access to thought leaders and experts leading and driving change

  • Monthly curated events for our VIP members 

  • Get access to change resources to support and elevate your career 

Change in the business environment is happening faster than ever. Being able to adapt to these changes has become an essential for every organization, having Change Leadership competencies is no longer an option, is it highly valuable.

Every organization needs Change Leaders, and this community is designed to help you become a more confident and successful Change Leader, and to help you future-proof your career and organization.

Benefits of Joining this Community

By joining to this community, you’ll get FREE access to:

  • A 24/7 members only digital platform and app with a community of professionals passionate about leading and managing change

  • A network of professionals who are also advocates for positive change.

  • Curated change leadership events

  • Tools and resources to help you drive change more effectively

  • Recordings previous years conferences and events

In addition, VIP members get access to:

  • Exclusive change leadership masterminds and interviews with thought leaders and experts

  • 2021 Change Leadership Conference recordings

  • Curated monthly change leadership and career development masterclasses

  • Preferred member rates to the online Change Leadership Accelerator course